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Hey there, my name is Sarah

I founded In Touch With Your Horse several years ago and I am based in Sheffield , covering a wide geographical area including Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

I learnt to ride at my local riding school when I was 15 years old. When I left School I did a youth training scheme where I gained BHS qualifications. I was keen to learn and gain more qualifications but I always thought that there was something missing. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to run and manage my own livery yard. It was around this time that I was given Timmy to bring on and sell. This is where my learning truly began. Timmy was a confirmed ‘bucker’ who gradually made me doubt my ability as a trainer and ate away at my confidence. Eventually as a last resort I took Timmy to a demonstration held by Kelly Marks in York.

This opened the door for me to a new way of training through communication with the horse. I made the decision to send Timmy to Ian Vandenberghe in Whitney for further training.

After his time at Ian Vandenberghes’ it was too late, I had already fallen in love with Timmy and decided to keep him.

I was eager to learn more about this method of training as I couldn’t believe the transformation in my horse.

I enrolled on a weekend clinic with Sarah Shearman at Learning to Listen, which then led to the Monty Roberts Introductory Course In Horsemanship

This led me to create In Touch With Your Horse, combining traditional and natural horsemanship methods to create a better connection between horse and rider.



• Monty Roberts Introductory Course in Horsemanship

• ILM level 5 development coach

• Certified Equine Facilitated coach

• Qualified Instructor of Learning to Listen

• Reiki level 2

My methods of training have been influenced through working & studying some of the world’s great trainers including Monty Roberts, Buck Brannaman, Mark Rashid, Carolyn Resnick.

As my techniques are constantly evolving, I seek to improve and refine them. I don’t restrict myself to one method I believe all training methods have value & I’m happy to accommodate any special requests.

I work with both adults and children and offer services that are unique and affordable. I use my understanding of horses to help them communicate with you to create a better connection.


Also between the years of 2016 and 2018 I had the pleasure of working in New Zealand with Foal NZ. 

Equine expect

In Touch With Your Horse I understand that the bond between a horse and it’s owner or rider is a special one! But for some people that bond can break down and they become unsure as to how to regain their confidence. This may be the result of an accident, the inability to conquer an obstacle or simply that you can’t understand why your horse behaves as it does. I use natural horsemanship methods to help both horse and rider understand each other and build confidence and trust. I help you listen to what you horse is saying to you. My aim is to use natural concepts to create a better connection between horse and rider. From using these unique concepts I can help the horse and rider partnership understand what is going on in their relationship, by working holistically with their horse to achieve what they consider to be a success. This might not be riding in the Olympics, but merely just hacking out alone confidently. I believe that the issues we experience with our horses are a mirror of what is happening in our personal lives and with our horse’s help we can overcome such problems. Using gentle techniques and watching your horse carefully I am able to help you understand the language of your horse!

Wendys Journey into the language of the horse....

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